What Are Some Effective Exercise Routines Suitable for Senior Citizens?


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Although the plans vary depending on individual health issues, low-impact cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, is often good for senior citizens, especially when combined with strength and flexibility exercises, such as yoga. Three days of cardiovascular exercise and two days of strength training every week is a good frequency.

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What Are Some Effective Exercise Routines Suitable for Senior Citizens?
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Senior citizens should consult a doctor or other medical professional before embarking on a new exercise program, especially if they have issues with balance, osteoporosis or other conditions that may put them at risk of falls and injuries. Exercise plans should generally start out easy and gentle, then become more strenuous as the person gets stronger. Shorter, slower walks and lighter weights or easier yoga poses may be a good place to start, then gradually increase the time and speed of the walks and the difficulty of the strength training routines.

Other exercises that may be suitable for seniors include cycling, water aerobics, Zumba and using weight machines. Tai chi is also a popular class for seniors. Activities that have a social or outdoors element may also help fight off depression and loneliness, which many seniors experience. Fun forms of exercise may include dance classes, golfing or joining team sports. Hiking, rowing and simply walking outdoors instead of on a treadmill can also lift spirits while building fitness.

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