What Is an Effective Diet Plan for Managing Acid Reflux?


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To manage acid reflux through diet, it is ideal consume foods that are high in fiber and protein and low in fat; grains, pasta, peas, lentils and some oils are examples of foods that sufferers of acid reflux generally consume. Just as certain foods can help avoid symptoms of acid reflux, there are foods and some beverages that can make symptoms worse. In addition to food choices, it is possible to control symptoms by eating smaller meals, and eating more frequently, rather than consuming several large meals, say experts at WebMD.

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What Is an Effective Diet Plan for Managing Acid Reflux?
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For those afflicted with acid reflux, certain foods tend to exacerbate symptoms, say experts at WebMD. These foods include citrus fruits, tomatoes (and products that contain tomatoes, such as salsa and ketchup) onions, garlic, mint, peppermint and foods that are high in fat, such as sauces and dips. Spicy foods, like chutney and curry, can also trigger symptoms. Beverages that can exacerbate symptoms include coffee, some teas, beverages with carbonation and alcohol.

As with other conditions, anyone prone to acid reflux may be able to eat some triggering foods in small quantities without issues. This is true for some condiments, such as ketchup and mustard, along with many spices and flavorings. Reduce the risk of a acid reflux flare-up by preparing foods at home from scratch. When ordering out, ask for foods with less oil or salt, and swap fried or sauteed items for steamed or baked dishes.

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