What Are Some Effective Cures for Warts?


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Effective cures for warts include using over-the-counter topical preparations, use of duct tape and freezing, states Healthline. Surgery may be necessary if these treatments fail to work. Treating sensitive areas at home sometimes worsens the problem.

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Generally, warts disappear on their own, but they may leave behind ugly marks, so individuals try to remove the spots by undertaking certain treatments, notes Healthline. A diabetic should consult with a doctor beforehand. Freezing treatments involve applying concentrated cold air to the wart and rubbing it off with a fingernail or pumice stone. The patient should be careful with tools used to lift warts because the problem can spread to surrounding areas or other persons. A doctor applies liquid nitrogen to the affected area to freeze and remove the wart during in-office treatment.

Prior to using medications with salicylic acid, a person needs to soak the wart in water for approximately 15 minutes to soften the wart and ease lifting, according to Healthline. As many times as possible, the patient should cover the wart with duct tape for days, soak the wart, and rub it away.

During surgery, the doctor burns the wart with electricity or cuts it off, explains Healthline. To avoid contracting the problem or spreading it to other areas, an individual should wear shower shoes when using public places to shower, use a bandage to cover the wart, wash hands frequently, and avoid picking the wart.

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