What Are the Most Effective Cures for Genital Warts in Men?


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There is no known cure for genital warts in men. However, doctors may prescribe certain medications to deal with the symptoms that occur. Early treatment of genital warts is discouraged because in some cases it goes away on its own, notes MedicineNet.

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Genital warts are sexually transmitted and usually form soft growths around the pubic parts, notes Healthline. Individuals that are infected may end up experiencing painful sensations around the affected area. They are likely to develop itchiness and discomfort.

Some cases of genital warts do not produce any visible symptoms. Individuals with this condition are likely to experience flare ups of symptoms throughout their lives. Genital warts in men may appear on the thighs, penis, anal region, groin and scrotum. In cases of oral sex, genital warts may appear on the lips, throat or tongue.

To diagnose this condition, doctors often take the patient's history before carrying out a physical examination. After diagnosis, doctors may prescribe topical medications such as TCA, aldara and condylox. In extreme cases, doctors may need to surgically remove the warts. Some cases of genital warts may lead to cancer, which is why it is important to report the condition to a doctor as soon as possible.

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