How Effective Is CoolSculpting?


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CoolSculpting is shown to reduce the subcutaneous fat cell layer by up to 50 percent in one treatment, according to coolsculpting.com. A number of studies have shown that the CoolSculpting procedure can effectively reduce stubborn fat in areas that resist other weight-loss options.

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CoolSculpting is a cosmetic procedure approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2014. This procedure uses the selective application of extreme cold to kill off the fat cells just below the skin by crystallizing them. During the period of a few months, the body clears these dead fat cells out of the treated areas. The result is a slimmer, leaner body.

The procedure was developed by two Harvard scientists, and has several studies backing up its effectiveness. According to CoolSculpting, an interim report for the Zelig Advisory Board found that 100 percent of the subjects who received the procedure had a measurable amount of fat reduction. The average percentage of the fat layer lost in patients was 22.4 percent up to 4 months post-procedure. The treatment is not intended to replace liposuction, but is a good choice for patients who have small, stubborn fat pockets. CoolSculpting could help those patients avoid the cost and pain of more invasive liposuction for small spots on the hips, belly and thighs.

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