What Are Effective Canker Sore Treatments?


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Effective canker sore treatments include prescription mouth rinses, over-the-counter and prescription topical medications, and oral prescription medicines, according to Mayo Clinic. In certain cases, canker sores are burned with medical instruments or chemical substances.

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What Are Effective Canker Sore Treatments?
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A mouth rinse that contains dexamethasone, a steroid, addresses both pain and inflammation, states Mayo Clinic. Rinses with lidocaine handle with pain. When individuals use topical medications on sores as they develop, both healing and pain relief are enhanced.

Doctors prescribe oral medications when other treatments fail, Mayo Clinic explains. Sometimes prescriptions intended for other conditions seem to work. For instance, sucralfate is more typically used for intestinal ulcers, while colchicine is a gout treatment. To cauterize canker sores, physicians topically apply Debacterol to speed healing or silver nitrate to reduce pain.

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