What Are Some Effective Appetite Suppressants According to Experts?


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Apples are a natural and efficient appetite suppressant, according to EmaxHealth. Apples are high in fiber, which makes the stomach feel full. Apples contain pectin, and this helps the brain trigger the sensation that the stomach is full.

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Pine nuts contain a high concentration of protein and a balance of other food substrates, according to EmaxHealth. The nuts contain pinolenic acid, which triggers the brain to perceive a full stomach. Water and natural juices are good appetite suppressants. They help curb dehydration and fill the stomach. Hot spices such as cayenne paper and black paper help the body burn the fat. They also reduce appetite by numbing the tongue. Ginger root helps in digestion, and also supplies the body with more energy. Better digestion efficiency results in the body requiring less feeding, hence the person eats less.

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