What Is the Effect of Moringa Oleifera on Water?


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Scientists have discovered that seeds from the Moringa oleifera tree can be used to purify water. According to Science Daily, the seeds provide a more efficient purification process than synthetic materials currently being used.

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Scientists from various countries worked together on a project to find out how an extract from Moringa tree seeds can be used to purify water. The project was lead by Uppsala University in Sweden, states Science Daily The scientists discovered that a protein found in the seed causes it to attach to impurities and aggregate. The clusters are then easily removed from the water.

Obtaining clean water is still a challenge for many countries, so any process that treats waste water without adding further synthetic chemicals is hugely beneficial, says Science Daily. Clean water is an requirement for good health.

There is much interest in new, sustainable methods for treating water. The results of the Moringa oleifera tree study have been presented to various government agencies and public bodies, particularly in Namibia and Botswana. Discussions are taking place on how best to use Moringa seeds to substitute the materials currently in use at the large water treatment plants, and also in small scale units. It is likely that similar materials can be used in Europe to produce drinking water and to treat wastewater, notes Science Daily.

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