What Is the Effect of Hydroxycitric Acid on Your Body?


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Studies suggest that hydroxycitric acid promotes weight loss and lowers lipid activity, claims Drugs.com; however, studies and trials to support the effectiveness of hydroxycitric acid are limited. Research shows that mild adverse reactions may occur, such as headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea and diarrhea.

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Hydroxycitric acid is derived from the Garcinia cambogia tree in India, Malaysia and Africa, according to Drugs.com. The tree is commonly found in the evergreen forests of southwest India. Garcinia cambogia trees are small to medium in size with dark green, oval leaves. Studies suggest that Garcinia cambogia can reduce serum insulin levels to improve glucose metabolism. Garcinia cambogia also acts as an antioxidant and contains iron to battle anemia. In addition, the fruit contains xanthones that can inhibit pre-neoplastic lesions of mammary and colon cancer, claims Drugs.com.

In addition to weight loss and cholesterol control, studies show that Garcinia can aid against diabetes and ulcer, as stated by About.com. Tests on mice indicate that Garcinia improves acidity in the stomach to reduce ulcer symptoms and improves sugar metabolism to assist in diabetes control; however, the lack of research leaves the long-term effects of Garcinia usage unknown. Since dietary supplements are largely unregulated, products may differ slightly from what the labels suggest. In addition, there is insufficient research to indicate the effects on pregnant and nursing women, children, and individuals with medical conditions who are taking medication.

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