What Is the Effect of the Coxsackievirus in Humans?


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Coxsackievirus in humans at first causes fever, loss of appetite, a general ill feeling, and a cough or sore throat, according to MedicineNet. These symptoms last for about one or two days, then blisters and ulcers develop in the mouth.

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After this, the patient breaks out into an itchy rash on her palms, soles of her feet, buttocks and genitals, claims MedicineNet. Some people contract conjunctivitis, or pinkeye, which is an inflammation of the membranes of the eye. These symptoms last about a week to 10 days. Usually, the patient makes a full recovery. Some patients lose their fingernails or toenails or develop muscle aches in their abdomen or chest. In rare cases, the disease may lead to viral meningitis, infection of the heart muscle, or inflammation of the brain or the membrane surrounding the heart.

Coxsackievirus infections are contagious, and the patient is at her most contagious during the week after the onset of symptoms, says MedicineNet. However, she can continue to be contagious for weeks after as she sheds the virus. Coxsackievirus infections usually strike children under 10 who come into contact with contaminated toys or eating utensils.

Pregnant women can pass the virus to their unborn babies, notes MedicineNet. Since this can cause serious complications, a pregnant woman should seek medical attention if she experiences the symptoms of coxsackievirus viral infection.

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