What Is the Effect on a Child If He or She Eats Styrofoam?


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Normally, nothing happens if a child eats Styrofoam, according to the National Capital Poison Center. But, keeping Styrofoam away from young children is best to prevent the possibility of choking.

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According to the National Capital Poison Center, Styrofoam is not poisonous. But, as with any swallowed object especially if it is large enough to get stuck in the child's windpipe, there might be choking. Choking is the result of the child's airway being completely or partially blocked, according to the Better Health Chanel. If the former happens, there would be lack of oxygen supply to the brain. Considering how the brain can only last a couple of minutes without oxygen, this can be a life-threatening condition. Some choking symptoms are a red face, wheezing and coughing. First aid should be administered on the child immediately.

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