How Do You Find Educational Videos on Childbirth?


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The websites of Giving Birth Naturally and Baby Center offer free educational videos of childbirth. Giving Birth Naturally has videos of natural births, water births, home births and hospital births, while Baby Center has videos of birthing with and without an epidural, a cesarean section and giving birth to twins.

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How Do You Find Educational Videos on Childbirth?
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Educational videos of childbirth help first time mothers understand the birthing process. Giving Birth Naturally asserts evidence-based practices of childbirth, such as delivering in an upright position, which is reportedly the most effective position to give birth because it takes advantage of gravity. It minimizes the effort required to push the baby out of the birth canal, reduces strain on both the mother and baby, and avoids trauma and tearing of the mother's vagina.

Baby Center reports that twin births are becoming increasingly common because of the use of fertility treatments that encourage the ovulation of multiple eggs and of in vitro fertilization in which several embryos are implanted into the mother's womb to increase the chances of pregnancy. The most common problems with twin births are low heart rates and breech positions. When any of this happens, especially if the first baby is breech, it is advisable to deliver the babies by C-section.

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