What Are Some Educational Videos About Childbirth?

What Are Some Educational Videos About Childbirth?

Educational videos about childbirth are available through Mother's Advocate, according to Childbirth Professionals International. Mother's Advocate hosts videos about topics such as letting labor begin on its own, avoiding unnecessary interventions and keeping babies with the mother. The organization's website also provides videos about the history of birth from ancient to modern times and a video about celebrating birth.

Childbirth Professionals International offers handouts and worksheets that are helpful to individuals teaching childbirth classes, according to the organization's website. The site includes resources about birthing topics such as labor positions, water births and use of birth balls.

On post childbirth-related topics, Medela and Ameda provide breastfeeding resources such as videos and handouts on their websites, according to Childbirth Professionals International. Lansinoh provides breastfeeding handouts on its website and also offers lanolin samples.

Halo Innovations offers a complimentary safe sleep resource kit for childbirth educators, according its Halo Sleep website. The kit includes a Halo SleepSack swaddle for classroom demonstrations and informational door hangers and brochures.

The Real Diaper Industry Association provides cloth diapering demonstration kits to childbirth educators, doulas, midwives and other health professionals who work with expectant parents, explains the association's website. The kit includes diaper samples, a cloth diaper resource guide and informational brochures.