What are some educational videos on childbirth?


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Some educational video on childbirth from Lamaze International include clips called "Let Labor Begin On Its Own," "Walk, Move Around and Change Positions Throughout Labor," "Bring A Loved One, Friend or Doula For Support," and "Avoid Interventions That Are Not Medically Necessary." Expectant mothers can also learn what labor and delivery is like, with a series of actual births captured on film by Baby Center.

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Letting your body go into labor spontaneously is usually the best way to know that your baby is ready to be born and that your body is ready for labor, explains Lamaze International in the educational childbirth video called "Let Labor Begin On Its Own." Another video explains how moving helps the mother cope with increasingly strong and painful contractions and gently positions the baby into the pelvis and birth canal. The video "Bring A Loved One, Friend or Doula For Support" discusses the importance of loving support during childbirth.

In the video "Avoid Interventions That Are Not Medically Necessary," Lamaze International cautions against intervention-intensive births and the potential harm they could cause. An educational video called "Avoid Giving Birth On Your Back And Follow Your Body's Urges To Push" encourages the mother to assume whatever position she finds most comfortable. A healthy newborn should be placed skin-to-skin on the mother���s abdomen or chest, suggests the video "Keep Mother and Baby Together" from Lamaze International.

Educational videos of actual childbirths, including natural, twin, epidural, induction and C-section births, can help prepare the expectant mother, notes Baby Center.

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