What Are Some Edible Flower Blossoms?


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Some edible flower blossoms include borage, chrysanthemums, daylilies, lavender, nasturtiums, pansies, violas, johnny-jump-ups, roses, pinks, squash and scented geraniums, states Oregon Live. Other consumable flowers include angelica, anise hyssop, bachelor's button, arugula, basil and bee balm.

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Incorporating edible flowers into various cuisines throughout the world has been traditionally practiced since ancient times. People who include edible flowers into their diet derive essential nutrients from these food sources, such as vitamin A and minerals from lavender, phytochemicals from violets, bioflavonoids and anti-oxidants from roses and anti-carcinogenic chemicals from nasturtiums, explains Mercola.com.

Other known edible flowers include calendulas, carnations, chicory, chamomile, chervil, cilantro and blooms from the allium family, including chives, leeks, garlic chives and garlic, notes Care2.

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