Does Eating Okra Really Help Cure Diabetes?


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Research in rodents indicates that consuming powdered okra seed and peel extracts for up to 28 days reduces blood-sugar levels significantly and normalizes triglycerides, but no scientific proof exists for humans, as of 2015. Also, okra may interfere with metformin, a medication to help manage blood sugar, notes Healthline.

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Does Eating Okra Really Help Cure Diabetes?
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A 2011 study that appeared in "ISRN Pharmaceutics" involved researchers soaking sliced okra pods in water and giving the solution to the rats via a gastric feeding tube, while a control group did not get the treatment. Results showed a significant reduction in the absorption of glucose, resulting in lower blood-glucose levels in the experimental group, states Healthline.

A similar study that appeared in the "Journal of Pharmacy & Bioallied Sciences" used powdered okra peel and seed extracts in a similar experiment, which also led to lower blood-glucose levels. Even at a dose of 2,000 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, the treatment did not cause any health concerns, according to Healthline.

Some parties claim that okra water causes diabetes to disappear, but the evidence is still missing for that claim. Even if okra is shown to manage blood-sugar levels in people, no evidence suggests that it represents a cure. Anyone with diabetes still needs to keep watching their diet, exercising regularly and maintaining healthy weight levels, says Healthline.

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