Does Eating Almonds Cause Gas?

eating-almonds-cause-gas Credit: MachineHeadz/E+/Getty Images

Eating almonds can cause gas, especially if one is not used to eating foods that are high in fiber. A single ounce of almonds contains three grams of fiber that can make someone feel gassy.

Fiber is not digested by the body. When it passes into the small intestine, bacteria form to ferment these undigested carbohydrates. The bacteria are what cause gas.

The Mayo Clinic reports that rapidly increasing the amount of fiber in one's diet can cause flatulence and gas pains. To help prevent this, it is advised to slowly add fiber to the diet. Over time, the body will get used to regularly consuming large amounts of fiber and gas occurrences will be minimal. Someone who is used to eating a diet high in fiber most likely will not be affected by eating almonds unless he or she eats an absurdly large quantity.