How Do You Eat Raw Foods to Reduce Arthritis Inflammation?


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A raw diet consists of foods that are unprocessed and come from whole plants when possible. At least 75 percent of a person's diet should be uncooked. Raw foods do not produce acids in the body like meats and grains so the body does not have to leach calcium from the bones to fight the acids. Because the calcium stays in the bones, arthritic conditions ease and often do not recur, according to Natural News.

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A raw diet includes beans, fresh and dried fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh juices, legumes, nuts, seaweed and seeds. Some raw foodists gain protein from animal sources, such as eggs, fish and meat, while others are vegans, explains Medical News Today.

Processing grains and meats for consumption destroys enzymes that assist with digestion, and the body produces acids as a result. The body's response to these acids ends up draining vital calcium out of bones. As of January 2015, 50 million American adults suffer from arthritis, and 21 million of them do not enjoy basic physical activities such as going for walks. Transitioning to a raw diet allows arthritis suffers to escape the pain and inflammation, and the resulting activity they enjoy strengthens bones, muscles and connective tissue, preparing the body for greater levels of activity, notes Natural News.

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