How Do You Eat Only 1200 Calories a Day?


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To maintain a low calorie diet, eat three meals of around 300 calories each and have two low-calorie snacks daily. Refrain from calorie-rich beverages that do not relieve hunger.

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Breakfast on a low-calorie diet may consist of a banana, an egg and a slice of whole-wheat toast. Black or green tea, black coffee or water are all zero-calorie beverage options. Shredded wheat in milk, whole wheat toast with jelly and a small orange juice is another option. However, this option includes more calories and requires omission of a morning snack.

Lunch and dinner should include a lean protein, such as chicken, turkey or tuna, and a vegetable. Salads are good choices, but be careful not to overdo high-calorie dressings, nuts and cheeses.

Eat low-calorie snacks in mid-morning and late-afternoon to prevent the hunger that leads to overeating. Good examples of low-calorie snacks are fruit, yogurt, 100-calorie snack packages, string cheese and almonds.

To maintain the diet, it's important to plan meals ahead of time to insure that the calorie goal is not exceeded. Eating two higher calorie meals and skipping the third meal leads to cheating due to excessive hunger, which increases the likelihood of the diet eventually failing. When choosing to-go meals at restaurants, examine the nutrition information carefully. Often, kid's meals are the best option.

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