How Do You Eat High Alkaline Foods?

Most fruits and vegetables, as well as soy, tofu, nuts and legumes, often classify as high alkaline foods. Any processed foods, including canned fruits and vegetables, do not qualify as high alkaline foods, states WebMD.

When eating high alkaline foods, it is important to eat fresh foods and to avoid grains, dairy and meat products, as they have high acidic levels. Alcohol and caffeine are not beneficial to the diet either, claims WebMD.

Common high alkaline foods are fruits such as avocado, coconut, lemon, watermelon and tomato; some high alkaline vegetables are broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale and celery. High alkaline protein sources include lentils, lima beans, almonds, Brazil nuts and pine nuts. Other high alkaline foods that can be used in cooking are apple cider vinegar, baking soda and blackstrap molasses, states One Green Planet.

Eating high alkaline foods are synonymous with eating healthy, says One Green Planet. This causes scientists to speculate whether high alkaline dieters are losing weight due to the chemical structure of the food or simply because these are the same traditional foods responsible for weight loss. WebMD suggests that any advice to drink lots of water and avoid sugar, alcohol and processed foods is good for weight loss and overall health.