How Do You Eat a Healthy Low-Fiber Diet?

How Do You Eat a Healthy Low-Fiber Diet?

Eat a healthy, low-fiber diet by including foods that don't contain fiber, avoiding those with more than a small amount of fiber and preparing foods carefully. Remember to include more liquids to prevent constipation if eating a low-fiber diet.

Eat foods that contain the least fiber possible and are still healthy. Examples of low-fiber foods include white bread, rice and pasta, pancakes, waffles and cereals with refined flour, meats and eggs, most canned and well-cooked fruits and vegetables, and milk and dairy products. Choose foods that have already been introduced into the diet; trying something new may cause discomfort.

Avoid foods that contain fiber. Most whole-grain products have fiber, as do raw fruits, vegetables, prunes, dried beans, peas and lentils. Don't eat brown rice, bran, granola, seeds, pickles, nut or seed butters or popcorn.

Cook foods carefully. Foods should be cooked until they are tender. Avoid grilling or broiling if the low-fiber diet is in response to bowel surgery, cancer or radiation treatment. When cooking, remove skins and seeds from produce to avoid extra fiber. Don't dry or dehydrate fruits, as dried fruits contain fiber.

Remember to drink extra water to prevent constipation. Milk and strained juices are also acceptable beverages. Broth, hot tea, fruit-flavored drinks and flavored water also help meet the body's liquid requirements.