How Do You Eat Healthy?

How Do You Eat Healthy?

Healthy foods to eat are typically those closest to their natural states, such as fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Eat in moderation, and eat a balanced diet of foods from different groups.

Healthy eating is about developing new habits that become a lifestyle. It can be difficult to eat healthy all the time, so focus on making small, incremental changes. For example, replace one unhealthy meal per day with a salad or another healthy choice.

Skipping meals is unhealthy and should be avoided. It can cause a loss of energy and makes you feel hungrier. This hunger can cause overeating at your next meal. Instead of skipping meals, opt for smaller but more frequent meals. One example of small morning meals is a cup of yogurt, followed by raisins and almonds a couple hours later.

A balanced diet is important because different foods provide different vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These provide energy and help with stress. Healthy eating habits can also prevent problems later in life, such as heart disease.

Drink water as your main beverage. If you don't like the taste, add a small piece of fruit for flavoring. Certain types of tea and coffee can also have health benefits. Avoid soda and other drinks with high sugar content.