What Do You Eat to Build Muscle?


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Recommended foods to help build muscle include eggs, almonds, yogurt, salmon and beef. These foods contain essential proteins and nutrients that aid the body while working out.

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Eggs have some of the most potent nutrients for building muscle. The yolk contains vitamin B12, which is an ingredient that fosters muscle contractions and fat breakdown. Eggs also contain other nutrients, such as riboflavin, folate, zinc and iron.

Beef provides two important nutrients that build muscle: zinc and iron. Red meat has an ingredient called creatine, which is a helpful energy booster during weightlifting sessions. The best type of meat to consume is lean meat, including the "rounds" variety.

Almonds contain vitamin E, an asset that dispels harmful microbes from the body, allowing a more productive workout. Vitamin E allows the muscles to recover and grow faster.

Salmon contains omega-3 and protein, and is another healthy food that hastens muscle recovery. Salmon forces the muscles to store more protein at a faster rate as the body absorbs older forms of protein.

Body builders can get health benefits from eating yogurt, because it has carbohydrates and proteins that boost energy and muscle development. For best results, one should eat the variety that contains fruit, which reduces the amount of protein that is broken down in the body.

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