What Is Best to Eat With Braces on Your Teeth?


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Foods such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, yogurt, bananas and grapes are all recommended for people who wear braces, according to Dental Associates. Melons, cheese, hulless popcorn and most pastas are also safe to eat. Especially after first receiving braces, it is important to eat soft foods that cannot damage or get caught in the fittings, while also maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet.

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What Is Best to Eat With Braces on Your Teeth?
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Hard, sticky and chewy foods have the potential to dislodge braces from the teeth or become stuck in small crevices and create tooth decay. For example, nuts, pretzels, corn chips, ice, hard candy and croutons are solid foods that can damage mouth hardware. Some hard items are safe to eat in small bites if they are cut up first, such as thin crust pizza, apples and raw vegetables. Chewing gum, taffy, beef jerky, fruit roll-ups, gummi bears and caramels are chewy items that should be avoided until braces are removed. The British Dental Health Foundation also recommends that people with braces avoid chewing on pencils and fingernails out of habit, as these behaviors can create dental complications. Fizzy and acidic beverages, such as sodas and orange juice, erode the tooth enamel and tarnish braces, so it is recommended to either drink these liquids through a straw or avoid them altogether. The wisest beverage choices for people who wear braces are water and milk.

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