What Are Some Easy Ways to Remove Fat From Your Belly?


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Some easy ways to remove fat from the belly include getting the proper sleep, performing short bursts of exercise, avoiding sugar and getting plenty of Vitamin C. Contrary to popular belief, eating "good" fats can remove belly fat as well, while slowing down the breath has proven effective also.

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Getting an adequate amount of sleep is crucial when trying to remove fat, because if the body's bio-rhythm is off, it triggers food cravings. Fatigue also creates ghrelin in the body, which triggers sugar cravings. Seven hours of sleep a night is recommended to avoid altering any hormone production by the body.

Instead of crunches, which are commonly thought to reduce belly fat, cardiovascular exercise that involves muscle work is a better option. Planking is one exercise beneficial to reducing stomach fat, while simple activities such as walks are also good.

As getting rid of belly fat is largely related to diet, calorie reduction is an effective way to start shedding fat. Protein is a good substitute for sugar when and if the craving hits, while vegetables and whole grains should be eaten frequently in controlled portions. Eating "good" fats can speed up the loss of belly fat. Types of "good" fat include salmon, walnuts and avocados.

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