What Are Some Easy Hamstring Exercises?

What Are Some Easy Hamstring Exercises?

The tipover tuck, scissor stretch, standing stretch and modified hurdler are easy hamstring exercises that can be done at home. Hamstring flexibility is key to maintaining a healthy back, hips and knees.

To perform the tipover tuck stretch, the person working out should begin with her feet hip-width apart. She interlaces her hands behind her back and with tucked chin and straight legs, bends her hips like a hinge, bringing her hands over the back of her head. She holds this position for 30 seconds.

For the scissor stretch, she stands with legs together, then moves one foot about 2 feet behind the other. She bends at the hip, keeps both legs straight and reaches to the floor. She maintains this for 30 seconds per leg.

The standing stretch is a deeper stretch than the scissor. She props her heel up on a chair lower than the hip and flexes her foot. She bends forward toward the flexed foot, maintaining balance with her hands on the leg she is stretching.

She performs the modified hurdler stretch by sitting on the floor and sticking her left leg out straight in front of her. She bends her right knee and places the sole of the right foot on her left thigh. With a straight back, she reaches for her foot and holds for 30 seconds.