What Is the Easiest Way to Raise Blood Platelets?


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The easiest way of increasing the level of blood platelets is by eating natural foods that build body organs and cells, according to the Platelet Disorder Support Association. Grains and vegetables are some of the best natural foods that can increase the level of blood platelets. Other food substances include meat, dairy and poultry products, and beans.

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Some types of food can also lower the level of blood platelets in the body, explains the Platelet Disorder Support Association. A person has to eliminate his intake for purposes of protecting the number of platelet counts contained in his body. Foods rich in quinine are the major cause of a low blood platelet level. Examples of these food substances include bitter lemon, water and melon. Other food substances include alcohol and aspartame. Foods belonging to the class of aspartame are cakes, diet soda, low fat and sugar-free candy. Alcoholic substances that cause this problem include beer, hard liquor and wine.

A diet that leads to the reduction of oxidative stress has the capability of increasing the level of blood platelets, states the Platelet Disorder Association. Oxidative stress leads to the emergence of diseases that are autoimmune, which cause the malfunctioning of hematopoietic stem cells. These are bone marrow cells that create blood platelets.

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