How Do You Ease Arthritic Hip Pain?


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Easing hip pain from arthritis involves a variety of approaches, ranging from losing weight and starting an exercise regimen, to undergoing physical therapy and using assistive devices. Medical interventions are also available to ameliorate pain but can have harmful side effects over time, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

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Basic lifestyle changes are often the first place to begin when addressing hip pain from arthritis. Patients who are not at or below their recommended weight place additional stress on their joints, leading to additional pain. Starting out with exercises that are water-based allows for cardiovascular benefit without the pounding on the hips that comes from jogging, running and walking. A physical therapist can design an individualized exercise plan to suit the needs of individual cases, notes the Arthritis Foundation.

Assistive devices, such as crutches and canes, can eliminate pain in the hips from arthritis. Wheeled walkers are effective for patients suffering in both hips. As patients progress in weight loss and exercise, they may find that they need the assistive devices less often. Research shows that enlisting a physical therapist for evaluation and instruction helps patients find ways to increase flexibility, mobility and strength while also experiencing less pain, as stated by the Arthritis Foundation.

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