How Do You Get Your Ears to Pop?


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One method of popping or unplugging the ears is to yawn repeatedly. To get the best effect, alternate yawning with swallowing. Yawning and swallowing help to stimulate and move the Eustachian muscles.

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When the pressure in the ears and Eustachian tubes is too much, the ears can clog up. The tubes connect the ears and throat, so clogged ears can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to hear. Exercising the ears by swallowing and yawning helps to alleviate the pressure that originally caused the problem. Chewing gum is another simple method to relieve pressure. Gargling with salty water can sometimes help. The water needs to be as warm as possible.

Pinching the nose closed and trying to blow through it can also help relieve pressure. To avoid clogged ears in the future, spray nasal decongestant inside the nose before flying or doing any other activities that normally cause clogging. If none of these methods work, craniosacral therapy can help. The therapy involves gentle manipulation of certain areas of the body to help relieve the pressure that causes discomfort. In some extreme cases, surgery to equalize the pressure in the tubes and drain any excess fluids may be required.

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