Why Do Your Ears Get Hot?


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A person's ears can get hot and experience a burning sensation when the ear has developed an infection, the middle ear is blocked by fluids or when suffering from swimmer's ear, according to HealthGrades. When water gets into the outer ear canal, a person often experiences hot ears.

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An infection of the bone at the skull's base, the presence of a foreign object within the ear or irritation as a result of extensive cleaning can also cause the ear to become hot and irritated, according to HealthGrades. Ear burning, or ears that are hot to the touch, can be a symptom of otitis media with effusion, which is a condition where the eustachain tube within the middle ear is infected or blocked by fluid. The fluid drains into the eustachain tube and then from the middle ear into the throat. Once infected due to fluid build up, the middle ear can contract a virus, become infected with bacteria and cause pain and swelling to the outer ear.

Swimmer's ear, also known as otitis externa, is also a cause of a burning or hot sensation in the ear, according to HealthGrades. When water is in the outer ear canal, the excess fluids can cause itching, swelling and burning. With water standing in the ear, the fluid can encourage the growth of bacteria that can lead to infection, according to HealthGrades.

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