What Are the Early Warning Signs or Symptoms That Someone Has Had a Slight Stroke?


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Common symptoms of a mild stroke or mini stroke include a lack of coordination, facial weakness and leg weakness, notes Healthline. Individuals may also experience visual disturbances. In many cases, mild stroke symptoms are short-lived, so it is important for individuals experiencing symptoms to seek immediate medical attention.

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Additional symptoms of a minor stroke include numbness on a single side of the body and severe headaches, explains WebMD. Mini-strokes are also referred to as transient ischemic attacks and may serve as a warning sign a full-blown stroke may occur in the near future. The "Act F.A.S.T." campaign was created by the National Stroke Association to help inform the public of stroke symptoms. The term "F.A.S.T" stands for facial drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulties and time. If the first three symptoms are present, time is of the essence and 911 should be called immediately.

Treatments for transient ischemic attacks include medications and surgical procedures to remove plaque blockages in the arteries, according to Cleveland Clinic. Mini-stroke patients may also be able to prevent future strokes with lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation, regular exercise and weight loss. It is also important for individuals with high cholesterol and blood pressure levels to keep a close watch on their symptoms and take the appropriate steps to treat their conditions.

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