What Are the Early Warning Signs of a Ringworm Infection?


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Early signs of ringworm infection involve rashes forming on the body, face and groin. The rashes may look like small blisters and have a ring-shaped appearance, says WebMD.

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In addition to rashes, ringworm infections can cause peeling, cracking, scaling, itching and redness. The rashes on the body can appear red, scaly, moist or crusty. They may also form large patches. Ringworm infections of the face may involve rashes that worsen in the sun and do not have distinct borders. Rashes on the groin may appear with distinct edges and may be scaly or have bumps with red-brown centers. When the groin is infected with ringworm, it is commonly known as jock itch. It often occurs at the same as athlete's foot. Ringworm on the hand can be mistaken for eczema; the palm may be thickened, dry and scaly, while the skin between fingers can be moist and have open sores. The back of the hand may be red and scaly, and fingernails can also be affected, according to WebMD.

Typical cases of ringworm can be treated and cured with creams or ointments applied directly to the skin. Many of these topical antifungal creams can be purchased without a prescription. If creams do not treat the ringworm, pills can be taken. Most rashes clear up after treatment begins, but medicine should be used as directed to prevent the infection from coming back, claims WebMD.

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