What Are the Early Warning Signs of Pancreas Problems in Women?


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Early warning signs of pancreatic problems can be severe pain in the upper middle part of the abdomen or there can be no symptoms at all, according to Cedars-Sinai. Pain may travel to the mid-back region.

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Pancreatitis is the most common disorder of the pancreas, explains Cedars-Sinai. Acute pancreatitis is accompanied by a swollen pancreas, pain, fever, shortness of breath or kidney problems, and in rare instances, can prove fatal.

Early warning signs of pancreatic cancer include a serious condition of the pancreas, explains Caring.com. These warning signs include diabetes; yellowing of the skin or eyes; itchy skin, palms and soles of feet; lack of appetite; change in taste; abdominal pain; enlarged gall bladder; pale stools or dark, tarry stools; and sudden weight loss.

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