What Are the Early Warning Signs of an Epileptic Seizure?


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Early warning signs of an epileptic seizure include numbness or tingling throughout the body, unusual body sensations, confusion, headache, and weakness, according to the Epilepsy Foundation. Other seizure warning signs include sudden feelings of anxiety or fear, stomach sickness, changes in vision and dizziness, reports Healthline. Symptoms that indicate a seizure is in progress include a blackout of time followed by confusion, uncontrollable muscle spasms and drooling at the mouth.

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Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that disrupts nerve cell activity in the brain, causing seizures, explains Mayo Clinic. Causes of epilepsy include genetic influence, head trauma, infectious diseases, prenatal injury and developmental disorders. In about half of epilepsy sufferers, the disease has no known cause.

Doctors typically begin epilepsy treatment by prescribing anti-seizure medications, states Mayo Clinic. Many patients require only one medication to stop seizures, while others require a combination of medications. If seizures originate from a nonvital area of the brain that doesn't affect motor function, language, speech, vision or hearing, surgeons can remove that area of the brain to prevent future seizures. If seizures originate from a vital area of the brain that can't be removed, surgeons can make cuts in the brain to prevent the seizures from spreading to other areas of the brain.

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