What Are Some Early Symptoms of Muscular Sclerosis?


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Blurred or double vision, clumsiness, loss of balance, numbness and tingling are some of the early signs of multiple sclerosis, or MS, states WebMD. Weakness in the arms or legs, muscle spasms and difficulty thinking are also early signs of the disease.

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The early symptoms of MS occur alone or in combinations, notes WebMD. Some people suffer from early MS symptoms for only brief periods, while others see a rapid escalation of symptoms within weeks or months. Vision problems that are related to MS usually affect only one eye and are sometimes accompanied by eye pain and temporary vision loss. Muscle spasms related to MS normally affect the leg muscles and may vary from a mild stiffness to very painful spasms.

Once people contract MS, they often suffer from numbness and burning or stabbing pains, according to WebMD. About 80 percent of people suffering from MS have bladder problems such as frequent urination. Bowel problems such as constipation are also common. People with MS can also suffer from difficulty with walking due to muscle weakness or spasms, numb feet, balance problems and fatigue. Slurred or nasal speech and long pauses between words are also symptoms of MS. While about half of people with MS suffer from problems with concentration and thinking, most maintain their intellects and are able to complete daily tasks.

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