What Are the Early Signs of Kidney Cancer?


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It is quite rare for people with kidney cancer to have any early signs and symptoms. However, people who have this condition are likely to develop certain symptoms at a later stage, according to Mayo Clinic. Some of the symptoms associated with the condition include difficulty breathing, blood stains in the urine, loss of body weight, general body weakness, loss of appetite and a growth or lump on the side or abdomen.

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Kidney cancer is most commonly characterized by a painful sensation on the side and swelling around the kidney area. An individual with this condition may also develop anemia, which is a condition of low blood levels in the body. Kidney cancer may equally cause the victim to lose his appetite and experience weight loss that cannot be explained.

Extreme body weakness is another symptom that may be experienced by a kidney cancer patient. Other signs to watch out for may include coughing up blood, painful sensations in the bones, blood in the urine, persistent high body temperature that lasts for more than 2 weeks and swelling of the ankles or knees.

A person that wishes to lower his chances of getting this condition should quit smoking, avoid exposure to harmful chemicals, keep his blood pressure within healthy limits and maintain a healthy body weight, according to WebMD.

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