What Are Some Early Signs of Diabetes in Men?


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Early signs of diabetes in men include frequent urination, blurred vision and unexplained weight loss, notes WebMD. Scientists estimate that 79 million people have prediabetes as of January 2016. Prediabetes means these people have elevated blood sugar, but the level is not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes.

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What Are Some Early Signs of Diabetes in Men?
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Frequent urination is a common early sign of diabetes. When diabetes elevates blood sugar, the diabetic's body will attempt to get rid of the excess sugar by increasing urine. Not only does a man have to urinate more, the fluid loss triggers thirst, according to WebMD.

High blood sugar that goes undetected can also trigger vision changes, explains Men's Health. Long term elevated blood sugar damages blood vessels in the retina, which causes a diabetic's vision to blur in one or both eyes.

Being overweight is often associated with diabetes, but losing weight is another early sign, reports Men's Health. Diabetic weight loss is caused by the body's inability to use calories effectively, resulting in nutrient loss through urination.

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