What Are Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease to Watch For?

Early warning signs of Alzheimer's disease typically include memory loss, inability to complete routine tasks, difficulty recalling words when speaking or writing, and changes in mood or personality, states the Alzheimer's Association. Social withdrawal, confusion about time and poor judgement are sometimes early warning signs as well. Because these symptoms frequently indicate other forms of dementia or aging in general, people who demonstrate them should see a health care professional to determine the exact cause.

People with Alzheimer's disease progress differently, according to the National Institute on Aging. The three stages of Alzheimer's disease include the pre-clinical, or early stage, the mild stage and the final stage. People suffering with mild Alzheimer's disease lose or misplace possessions often, wander off or become lost when visiting familiar places, and often forget to pay bills or complete other necessary tasks. As the disease progresses, they experience weight loss or seizures and lose the ability to communicate.

An early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease allows people to prepare for the future by creating a support network and settling financial and legal affairs, notes WebMD. An early diagnosis also allows Alzheimer's sufferers to explore medical options such as participating in clinical trials, suggests the Alzheimer's Association.