What Are Some Early Diabetes Symptoms?


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Early warning signs of diabetes include frequent urination, thirst, hunger, blurry vision, and extreme fatigue, according to the American Diabetes Association. Diabetes also slows the healing of wounds and bruises. Type 1 diabetics sometimes lose weight, even with an increase in caloric intake.

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What Are Some Early Diabetes Symptoms?
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An increase in thirst and urination are classic signs of diabetes, according to Mayo Clinic. The increase in sugar in the blood causes the kidneys to work harder to filter it. If the levels become too high for the kidneys to keep up, the body excretes the excess sugar and fluids from its tissues in the urine. This increases the volume of the urine while causing dehydration, causing the excess thirst.

The process of removing fluid from other body tissues in an attempt to normalize the blood sugar levels also removes fluids from the eyes, reports Mayo Clinic. The eyes lose some of their focusing ability leading to blurred vision.

Diabetes causes fatigue due to many factors, including dehydration and the body’s inability to function properly due to the disease. The disease interferes with the body’s use of glucose, which provides fuel for the cells, indicates Mayo Clinic.

The sugar levels in the urine of diabetics is higher. This sugar contains calories that normally fuel the body. With Type 1 diabetes, the loss of calories is often significant enough to cause rapid weight loss, according to Mayo Clinic. The cells are not able to utilize the glucose, so the diabetic experiences constant hunger.

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