How Early Can You Take a Pelvic Exam to See If You're Pregnant?

A pregnancy can be detected via a pelvic exam when a woman is around 6 weeks pregnant, which is around four weeks following conception. A trained obstetrician can check the size of the uterus, Fallopian tubes and ovaries during a pelvic exam; this allows for a determination to be made as to how far along the pregnancy has progressed. The color of the uterus can also indicate pregnancy, since the uterus has a hint of blue if a woman is expecting, according to Babies Online.

A pelvic exam, while useful in determining pregnancy early, is not the fastest way to find out if a woman is pregnant. a urine pregnancy test, which is available readily over the counter at any big box retailer or pharmacy, is a faster way. Urine tests can also be obtained at a doctor's office. Once a positive test result is received , a pelvic exam can confirm the pregnancy, notes Babies Online.

Blood tests at the doctor's office can also be a fast method of detecting pregnancy, notes WebMD. A blood test can detect the pregnancy hormone, which is known as hCG, 6 to 8 days after ovulation, or 10 days after a missed period.