What Are Some Dyslexia Symptoms in Adults?


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Adults with dyslexia may not be able to write, and they may avoid situations when writing is necessary, notes WebMD. Spelling may be difficult or impossible for adults with dyslexia. Adults with dyslexia may hide their reading difficulties.

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What Are Some Dyslexia Symptoms in Adults?
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Some adults with dyslexia are very skilled in oral language, states WebMD. Instead of reading, adults with dyslexia often rely on memory. It is common for adults with dyslexia to be very intuitive, and they are often excellent at interacting with people socially.

Adults with dyslexia may have excellent spatial thinking skills, according to WebMD. For that reason, people with dyslexia may be suited for careers such as architecture, engineering, designing or dentistry. However, adults with dyslexia are often employed in a position that does not accurately fit their intellectual potential. Adults with dyslexia have a tendency to be entrepreneurs, although managing a business may prove difficult due to problems with organization and planning.

Some adults with dyslexia find that managing time is difficult, according to Mayo Clinic. Summarizing a story, doing math problems, and memorization may be challenging. Idioms may be difficult for an adult with dyslexia to understand. Symptoms of adult dyslexia are very similar to the dyslexia symptoms that other age groups experience. There is no age limit for dyslexia treatment.

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