What Are Some of the Duties of a Dental Office Manager?


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Some of the duties of a dental office manager include market coordinating, payroll handling and budgeting office expenses. Dental office managers may also schedule patient and staff appointments and perform bookkeeping and billing duties.

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Dental office managers are responsible for the general administrative roles in dental offices. They work closely with other dental office employees to ensure that they all perform their duties effectively. Dental office management duties are similar to those of any other business, requiring effective organization and financial management skills. Dental office managers are responsible for paying office bills such as payroll, electricity, gas, taxes, garbage pickup and supplies. They may delegate some of these duties, but they are ultimately responsible for ensuring that each task is completed successfully.

Dental office managers also manage the clinic's reputation and maintain patient relationships. They often rectify the situation when a patient has a negative experience with the office. They must discover the negative situation's cause and take steps to address the problem and appease the patient, especially as word of mouth plays a key role in bringing in new patients. Office managers also have the duty to advertise the dental office both in person and online, which often includes regular website updating and maintenance.

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