What Is Duplicell Face Therapy?


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Duplicell P199 Face Therapy is a cosmetic face cream formulated to stimulate stem cells in aging skin, according to the company website. Dupicell products were inspired by the research of neo-natal surgeon Boris Petrikovski who observed that fetal surgeries often healed rapidly with little to no scarring.

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P-199, the active ingredient in Duplicell P199 Face Therapy, is a bio-engineered peptide that synthesizes a component of Wharton jelly, a viscous fluid contained in the umbilical chord, according to the Duplicell website. The P-199 peptide was developed by Dr. Petrikovski, based on his theory that the component within Wharton jelly that facilitated healing after fetal surgeries could also regenerate cell growth in adult skin. Studies conducted with human skin samples and laboratory animals confirmed that P-199 had a restorative effect on adult skin, leading to the development of Duplicell products.

In addition to Duplicell P199 Face Therapy, Duplicell's product line includes a neck firming therapy, a moisturizing facial mask , a facial toner and an eye cream. The latest advancement in Duplicell technology is the F199 Cell Extender, a compound that utilizes an ingredient found in Japanese Brown Seaweed to help maintain the health of newly regenerated cells. Duplicell P199 and F199 Face Therapies can be used simultaneously.

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