How Do You Do Dumbell Flys?


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Do dumbbell flyes by lying on a bench and lifting dumbbells up and inward. The dumbbell fly is an exercise for the pectoral and deltoid muscles. To do dumbbell flyes, you need a weight bench and hand weights of an appropriate weight.

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  1. Lie on the bench in starting position

    Lie flat on a weight bench with your feet flat on the floor. Holding one weight in each hand with palms facing each other, lift your arms up over your chest, keep your elbows bent.

  2. Lower the weights

    Lower the weights outward while still keeping your elbows bent. Stop when your elbows reach the level of the bench.

  3. Lift the weights upward

    Raise the weights back up slowly into the starting position again, squeezing your pectoral muscles as you do so. Repeat the exercise.

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