What Is Dry Eye?


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Dry eyes is a condition in which there is either insufficient tear production to lubricate the eyes, or the eyes produce tears that are of poor quality, states the National Eye Institute. Moreover, dry eyes can lead to eye inflammation, pain and possible corneal scarring or vision loss if the condition is not addressed through proper treatment.

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The different types of dry eyes are aqueous tear-deficient and evaporative dry eye. Aqueous tear-deficient dry eyes occurs when there is not enough tears produced by the lacrimal glands while evaporative involves meibomian gland dysfunction that inhibits the production of the oily component of tears, notes Mayo Clinic. Some other factors that may lead to dry eyes are age, laser eye surgery and an underlying condition, such as diabetes or lupus.

Treatment for dry eyes focus on managing the symptoms of this condition, such as inflammation by prescribing a medication called cyclosporine. In some cases, a surgery to plug the drainage holes may be necessary.

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