Which Drugstores Can You Buy a Bronchial Mist Inhaler?


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Over-the-counter bronchial mist inhalers are no longer available in the United States. Primatene Mist with Chlorofluorocarbons was taken out of the market at the end of 2011, notes the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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Bronchial mist inhalers were once used to relieve the symptoms associated with asthma. However, the only over-the-counter inhaler in U.S.A. Primatene Mist with Chlorofluorocarbons was taken out of the market because of certain chemical ingredients that are known to affect the ozone layer. Continual use of this product would eventually lead to more damage to the layer of the atmosphere that protects people from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation can easily lead to development of skin cancers and cataracts.

Individuals with asthma or related conditions should seek immediate medical attention in order to get assistance from a health facility. Alternative treatment options include asthma medication, bronchodilators, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, bronchial thermoplasty and asthma nebulizers. Doctors often assess the condition and provide the most suitable treatment option.

There are certain online stores that stock asthma inhalers. However, the FDA has often issued warnings against buying drugs online because of the multiple dangers they pose. Some of the medications available online may be counterfeit, expired or contaminated, states ABC News.

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