Which Drug Store Chains Have a Drug Interaction Checker?


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National drug store retail chains that have online drug interaction checkers include Walgreens and CVS, as of 2015. Walgreens and CVS allow customers to sign in with their accounts to monitor possible drug interactions that involve prescriptions filled at those pharmacies.

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Individuals can click on Add Prescriptions in the red rectangle before searching for possible interactions on the CVS website. This feature lets patients sign in with their CVS account. Users can then input medication names for prescriptions, supplements and over-the-counter medicines. As the drug name gets typed, the search engine fills in the name so users can click on a medication. Dosing information follows. When all of the drugs are input, users click on Generate Report to view possible interactions among the medications. The report includes interactions with other drugs, a person's lifestyle and food. People may also browse drugs on the list of Medications and Supplements.

Users search a drug at Walgreens and then select a certain dosage. After every medicine has been input, patients click Compare to view drug interactions. People can browse an alphabetical list of drugs names to discover more information. Walgreens lets patients compare up to two medications at a time. Some interactions have a message to contact a pharmacist for more drug interaction information. The national chain also has a live chat feature to help with interaction questions.

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