What Is a Drug Relapse Prevention Worksheet?


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A drug relapse prevention worksheet is a list of the common phases of relapse following or during the rehabilitation of drug or alcohol abuse, according to Azure Acres Recovery Center. The worksheet identifies where an individual is in the relapse process, in order to assist in the prevention of total relapse.

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The drug relapse prevention worksheet outlines the general process of relapse, beginning with common occurrences that may not actually lead to relapse, such as denial of concern of well-being, defensiveness, and worrying about others in place of oneself. This can lead to crisis building, which is when the relapse process takes a more serious turn, explains Azure Acres Recovery Center. During crisis building, an individual may fall into a deep depression and begin doubting the success of the rehabilitation process. This can lead to the rejection of the rehabilitation process, as well as acts of social drinking or drug use.

Eventually, the individual may end up using drugs or alcohol again regularly, in a phase known as the acute relapse episode, notes Azure Acres Recovery Center. Although this behavior is not usually dangerous to those who do not have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, those who do might find that the acute relapse episode is a very potent gateway back into that lifestyle.

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