How Does Drug Rehab Help Someone With an Addiction?


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Drug rehab can help a person with an addiction endure the process of detoxification, which involves coping with tremors, depression and paranoia, according to WebMD. Drug rehabilitation centers help determine a diagnosis of any psychiatric problems, such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders or bipolar disorder. Counselors at drug rehab centers also help patients determine triggers and life situations that lead to addictions.

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How Does Drug Rehab Help Someone With an Addiction?
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Patients at drug rehabilitation centers typically participate in cognitive therapy to learn strategies to tame or eliminate urges to abuse substances and develop assertive skills to resist temptation, explains WebMD. Many facilities bring in family members for therapy sessions to help heal damaged relationships and provide support for patients of the rehabilitation center.

Patients may receive medications to help with withdrawal symptoms and alcohol dependence at rehab centers, according to WebMD. Individuals also receive exposure to 12-step programs as part of their ongoing treatment. Referrals for group therapy and meetings with people suffering from the same type of addiction are provided after a patient's discharge from rehab.

Standard treatment for patients at a drug rehabilitation center has historically included a 30-day stay, depending on the insurance coverage available for patients, explains WebMD. Both inpatient facilities and outpatient group therapy sessions exist to help recovering addicts and alcoholics.

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