What Is the Drug Primolut Used For?


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The online pharmacy InhousePharmacy reports that Primolut is used to treat women suffering from any of a number of conditions caused by a lack of progesterone. These conditions include menstrual disorders and endometriosis. Some physicians prescribe it to help women adjust the timing of their menstrual cycles to make their periods less erratic.

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According to InhousePharmacy, Primolut is regularly used to treat menorrhagia (heavy prolonged menstrual bleeding), premenstrual syndrome, secondary amenorrhoea (menstrual periods that have ceased or are irregular) and cyclical mastopathy (premenstrual breast tenderness and swelling). The drug is also used to treat abnormal uterine bleeding.

Essentially, Primolut is a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone, as explained by InhousePharmacy. In healthy women, the ovaries produce organic progesterone during the second phase of the menstrual cycle, causing the lining of the uterus to begin secreting hormones and proteins required to care for a fetus in the event of pregnancy. The lining sheds each month when there is no pregnancy, causing progesterone levels to decrease. Women who lack progesterone experience a variety of problems, most of which are reversible with Primolut, according to InhousePharmacy. The drug delays a woman's menstrual period until she stops taking them, which allows her to regulate her hormone levels despite a lack of the natural hormone progesterone.

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